How strong is it to read the blockchain technical thinking of Telegram TON:Durov?

Telegram updated a new version of the English white paper earlier this month. The full name of Telegram blockchain project is Telegram Open Network, referred to as TON. This article will briefly introduce founder Durov's progressive iterative judgment relationship for existing blockchain projects, as well as the eight parts of the TON project as a whole.

Original title: "A preliminary understanding of the hard Core Telegram;Telegram (telegram) Chinese version of the White Paper" Source: official account TON Community author: toozWu

Original title: "A preliminary understanding of the hard Core Telegram;Telegram (telegram) Chinese version of the White Paper"Source: official account TON CommunityAuthor: toozWu

1. Telegram is famous for paying attention to security and personal privacy in the field of instant messaging software. Founder Pavel Durov is known for supporting Snowden.

2. By Telegram, we usually mean that Telegram Messenger, is the instant messaging software similar to WeChat. The blockchain project launched by Telegram in 2017 is called Telegram Open Network, which is relatively independent of Telegram.

3. Telegram Open Network blockchain project is referred to as TON. The original token in the system is Gram, not TON. The total is 5 billion.

4. Founder Pavel Durov roughly classifies the current blockchain projects as follows to highlight the differences between TON and other projects:

First generation: single chain, PoW, does not support smart contracts. Examples: Bitcoin (2009) and many imitators (Litecoin,Monero,.). Second generation: single chain, PoW, smart contract support. For example: Ethernet Square (2013; deployed in 2015), in its original form. Third generation: single chain, PoS, smart contract support. For example: the future of Ethernet Square (2019 or later). The third generation (3'): multi-chain, PoS, does not support smart contracts, loose coupling. Example: Bitshares (2013 to 2014; use DPOS). Fourth generation: multi-chain, PoS, smart contract support, loose coupling. Example: EOS (2017; use DPOS), PolkaDot (2016; use BFT). Fifth generation: multi-chain, PoS and BFT, intelligent contract support, closely coupled, slicing. Example: TON (2017).

Here TON's key point is: fragmentation, tight coupling, million TPS, PoS, BFT, multi-chain blockchain, million TPS, anonymously protected account privacy (which is important), smart contracts.

Telegram Messenger will be the first example on the Telegram Open Network (TON) platform in the future.

4. TON the entire project package consists of eight parts:

Can reach millions of TPS, with Turing complete intelligent contract, rules can be upgraded formal block chain, support multi-type encrypted currency value exchange, support micro-payment channel and under-chain payment network. TON blockchain provides some novel and unique features, such as "self-healing" vertical blockchain mechanism and instant hypercube routing (Instant Hypercube Routing), which make it fast, reliable, extensible and consistent at the same time.

Used to access TON blockchain, send transaction requests, and receive blockchain updates of interest to users (for example, smart contract updates related to customer accounts), but it can also support any distributed service, whether on a blockchain or not.

# 3 TON Storage . TON storage.

Accessible over the TON network, TON blockchain is used to store archived copies of chunks and status data (snaps), as well as to store users or other files running on the platform using streaming technology services.

Similar to the (Invisible Internet Project; stealth network plan, it is used to hide the identity and IP address of a TON network node if necessary (for example, a node that contains a large number of encrypted currency accounts for exchange, or an authentication node with a large number of tokens that wants to hide its exact IP address and geographical location to prevent DDoS attacks.

A distributed hash table similar to Kademlia. Used as a "stream tracker" (torrent tracker) for TON storage or as an "input tunnel locator" (input tunnel locator), for TON agents and as a service locator for the TON service.

It can be accessed through the TON network and TON agents, and similar browsers or smartphone applications can interact with a unified formal interface. These formal interfaces can be published in the TON blockchain; information published in the TON blockchain can be found through the TON DHT to find the actual node that provides the service at any given time. Services can be guaranteed by creating smart contracts in the TON blockchain.

A service that assigns readable names to accounts, smart contracts, services, and network nodes.

The platform of micropayment, micropayment channel and micropayment channel network. It can be used for rapid off-chain value exchange and pay for services supported by TON Services.

Telegram Open Network proposed an extensible multi-chain block chain architecture (cross-chain) and prepared a number of infrastructure to support services over a variety of chains to achieve a user-friendly interface and support a variety of cryptocurrencies and applications.

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