Why do these countries account for the highest proportion of Google searches in Etherland?

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the world's leading cryptocurrency, both in terms of global trading volume and in terms of general public interest. So, in which countries does Ether Square have a higher number of searches? To find out, we looked at Google Trends' geographic data and used "Bitcoin" bitcoin and "Ethereum" etherland as search keywords. We combine these findings to better understand search trends in encrypted currencies for users in different countries.

This article is reprinted from the blockchain incubator "LongHash" to the original title: "China is one of the countries with the highest proportion of Google searches in 'Ethernet Square'. Author: Charlie Custer

This article is reprinted from the blockchain incubator "LongHash" to the chain smell authorization.China is one of the countries with the highest proportion of Google searches in Ethernet Square.Author: Charlie Custer

Since Google does not show the actual number of searches, our chart does not contain specific numbers. In contrast, the chart shows the proportion of searches for each keyword in the total number of searches in a country. In other words, we rate countries on the basis of the proportion of "Bitcoin" or "Ethernet Square" searches in each country.

For example, in the following illustration, the blue vertical bar represents the "Bitcoin" search volume, and the pink vertical bar represents "Ethernet Square." We can see that the longest blue vertical bar belongs to Nigeria and the longest pink vertical bar belongs to Kosovo. Nigeria has the highest share of bitcoin searches, according to Google Trends on June 10, 2019. Previously, LongHash has studied why Nigeria is a powerful use case for blockchain technology. The country's official currency has severe inflation and volatile prices, which means that some citizens have to choose other currencies such as bitcoin in order to conduct day-to-day transactions.

ueditor_e024bd951250cbd337617e0c682052e2 (1).png

ueditor_e024bd951250cbd337617e0c682052e2 (1).png

Interestingly, we found that the area with the highest proportion of etheric searches was Kosovo. This search appears to be related to cryptocurrency activities in the region. Reuters reported last year that the area is an extremely popular destination for encrypted mining.

It should be pointed out that these data count the number of searches for English keywords. In addition, the data source is Google. As a result, it may not be good for countries that do not use Google as a common search engine, or where English is not widely used.

But in any case, these findings show some interesting trends. China, for example, has one of the highest share of etheric searches, but in terms of chart data, the number of bitcoin searches in the country is almost invisible.

In Ghana, the opposite is true. Ghana has one of the highest share of bitcoin searches, but the country's Google search shows that Ghanaians are not interested in Etherland.

ueditor_be1c0b0b1b6f05917307b9bd99b88d06 (1).png

ueditor_be1c0b0b1b6f05917307b9bd99b88d06 (1).png

The figure above describes the differences in the ranking of Bitcoin and Ethernet Square searches for each country. A notable microtrend shown here is that bitcoin accounts for a relatively higher proportion of searches than Ethernet Square searches in several African countries, namely Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. On the other hand, search trends in Southeast Asian encryption powers such as China and South Korea are skewed towards Ethernet Square.

What is remarkable is that China's ranking on this chart is so high, because Google is blocked in China. In addition, it is worth noting that relatively speaking, Chinese users have chosen the search engine on their own initiative, because they have to use some tools to access it. But in any case, these trends show once again that, apart from China's well-known attitude towards cryptocurrency transactions, Chinese residents are still quite interested in cryptocurrency.

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797a6ab095cb5987b7478c969c466077_OcxDyZH (1).jpg

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