Cross-chain technology: the beginning of the block chain community of the great navigation era?

In 2019, cross-chain technology has come to the center of the block chain industry, and a number of high-quality projects with strong technology have emerged, such as: Cosmos, Polkadot, Fusion, Iris, ICON, AION, RSK, Ripple Interledger and so on. In this article, we do not want to discuss the implementation details of cross-chain technology, but to imagine the significance of cross-chain technology, and what will happen when cross-chain technology matures.

One of the most direct answers is that smart contracts are not enough.

Whether it is the architecture of the smart contract, the running environment, or updating the design, it is doomed that the smart contract will not be able to implement complex logic. With the development of new blockchain services such as DeFi, people naturally have higher expectations and requirements for Dapp, and the complexity is more and more beyond the scope that intelligent contracts can support. Therefore, many people have pointed out: "the successful Dapp in the future may not be a smart contract, but a separate chain!" "

If the main Dapp itself is a separate chain in the future, and the Dapp must cooperate with each other, the cross-chain technology is bound to become the infrastructure of the whole block chain industry. So no wonder the block chain of capital, Daniel so optimistic about cross-chain technology, have poured into the track.



As we all know, the basis of block chain is community. Each chain is an open source project in the digital world, a runnable code, and in the real world is a community member scattered around the world, a consensus among community participants. It can be said that the community is the bottom foundation of the block chain.

Before cross-chain technology became mainstream, the form of blockchain communities was bound to be closed and competitive: community members only needed to focus on their own projects, and many communities would even take punitive measures such as abstinence from discussing other projects. The closed and competitive blockchain community ecology is reminiscent of the era of continental war between the 18th and 19th centuries:



When the cross-chain technology matures, what form will the block chain community ecology become? Let's reverie:

  • The value circulation between different chains is freer and more frequent;
  • The cross-chain circulation of value is the cross-community circulation of value, especially between different consensus communities;
  • Cross-community circulation is bound to make the community more open. On the one hand, it needs to accept the discussion and integration of third-party consensus in the community, on the other hand, it will actively promote the extension and dissemination of its own consensus.
  • It can also be said that cross-chain technology will make the blockchain community really enter the great navigation era of free trade.

    From a community and user perspective, the challenges that can be foreseen include:

  • How can information be effectively disseminated among different communities with value?
  • Value depends on cognition. If information cannot be effectively disseminated, it is difficult to imagine that the spread of value can flow freely.
  • How can users effectively absorb more information and understand the consensus of more communities?
  • Everyone's energy and access to information are limited. How to absorb information fully and efficiently with the navigation of value?
  • Each Bot is naturally free, scattered in WeChat, telegram group, Skype and other impassable IM platform, and has its own logic and behavior is inherently distributed;
  • Because each Bot serves a certain community, the assets carried on it are "multi-chain". Cross-chain technology will help assets flow more freely in different communities, resulting in a stronger demand for "cross-group links" between different communities.
  • Jarvis+ will play the role of a "link community" in the cross-chain era, and the AI community robot can be the gateway to the exchange of values between communities.
  • 跨链技术:开启区块链社群的大航海时代?


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